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Deep Dub Patches Vol. #1

Deep Dub Patches Vol. #1

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Sounds Straight from the classic UK underground! these patches WILL set your dubs to a higher standard than the rest, featuring a twist on classics, with immense punch and weight that is unparalleled in the scene. Inspired by Hatcha, Benny Ill, El-B, Loefah, Burial, and many other legends.

38 Patches in each volume. 


*NOTE: for MAC users, ALL noises from these patches are native to SERUM,
just make a note of the name of the noise in the prompt and load the correct noise from the noise osc channel from the default menu. This should fix any and all issues that the patches may have. There should be no wavetables that arent local to SERUM.
Please refer to your local destinations, By default for MAC/PC are..

PC:/documents/Xfer/serum presets/Noises/
Mac:/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Prests/Noises

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