The sounds, samples, and loops in this sample pack are sold to the user with non-exclusive terms and is a single-user, non-transferable licensing. All rights granted to the user can be reserved if used for commercial music compositions and/or in advertisements, soundtracks, and television, video game, or film productions. These sounds may not be used in the creation of any competitive products, such as a Sample Pack, Sample CD, Sample DVD, Virtual Instrument, Expansion Pack, Library Music, Subscription Services, App Contents (Mobile or otherwise), or in any other collection or service, in any format, or in any product that would involve the re-licensing of Sparkplug Recordings LLC's product copyrights, without permission. Any and all Commercial use is prohibited without express written consent from content creators being represented by, and under copyright to Sparkplug Recordings LLC. Any audio demos are not licensed to you, and they may not be re-created or used in their current state. On receipt of payment in full, Sparkplug Recordings LLC grants the single-use Licensee the right to download and use the Sounds purchased, and are entitled to legal use for any personal music compositions. Users can make personal profit for release under their own monikers and/or with their respective labels in representation without royalties being payed to Sparkplug Recordings LLC. Any use for third-party royalties and profit from commercial use, without consent is due percentages of the final profits to be determined, case-by-case of up to 50% songwriting claims and up to 50% of publishing claims payed to Sparkplug Recordings LLC. All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling, renting, uploading, file sharing or unauthorized trading of this content (or any part of this content) is prohibited by international copyright law. We will not hesitate to take legal action against any person(s), company or individual(s) who fail to adhere to the terms of this legal agreement. The Licensee will indemnify the Licensor from, and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including legal fees incurred by Licensor, with respect to any matter that arises as a result of a breach of this agreement by you. All rights not expressly granted remain with Sparkplug Recordings LLC.